Cast: Akshay Kumar, Vidhya Balan, Shiney Ahuja, Ameesha Patel, Rajpal Yadav, Paresh Rawal.
Year of Release: 2007.
Box Office: 84 Crore.
Available on: Netflix, AmazonBhool Bhulaiya

Akshay Kumar, one of the biggest super stars of Bollywood feels the wrath of strong critcism from movie reviewers, fans and cinema gurus for not picking up a strong script. Bollywood has been stretching the same theme that 90’s era used to create a movie around. Poor boy, rich girl and romance, this what Bollywood has limited its storyline to. Those who went ahead and break the magic funda, didn’t see the good result.

Bhoolbhaiya is one of such movies that entertained the audience and had good reviews and monetary collections too. Rated 7+ on IMDB, Bhool Bhulaiya is one the highest rated Akshay’s movie. The movie which runs around the haunted house where resides the ghost of revenge seeking victim. The movie shows how  human physcology can control the super natural power. The brief storyline is described below.

Storyline of Movie

The movie starts with the haunted house where resides the ghost of a dancer who was awaiting for a long forbiden revenge of her beloved one. The King of the palace who suppose to kill the lover of Manjulika(Female dancer). This ignited the anger of Manjulika who wants to bring justice for her lover’s death. After the death of king and Manjlika, the palace was abondoned by the king’s successors as they moved foriegn while caretakers manage to keep Palace maintained. The whole nuisance and series of events starts taking place when the successors of King decided to sore the oath of new King. Manjulika who was rentlessly waiting for King, was thrilled to kill the kill with her own hands.

Avni and Siddhath after coming from the US decided to stay in palace inspite of repeated warning from the releatives and caretaker. Ignoring the stories and superstition, the step of staying at the old Palace is where the things goes wrong. Avni manages to get the keys of the third floor that contains the Ghost of Majulika. This incident triggers the series of events and the deep rooted interest of Avni in Manjulika stories made here the phsycology victim. Avni feels the story of Majulika as her own story and tries out hard to kill Siddharth (Successor of King) who is the real king according to Majulika.

Aditya(Akshay Kumar) who is psychiatrist and friend of siddharth tries to untagle the entire series of events. Having studied psychology, Aditya tries to tackle the problem in a more scientific way. He tries to divert the attention from Avni to Radha(Siddharth’s lover) which gives Avni license to seek her revenge from Siddharth. Aditya knows tha fact that condition of Avni can’t be treated unless Manjulika wish to kill King is not fulfilled. Aditya plant a completely fake event where he calls Manjulika and give here full freedom to king Siddtharth. Taking the advantage of light and color, Manjulika is given a dummy body who is dressed like a king. As soon Manjulika takes here revenge, Avni get freed from the controll of Manjulika. The whole story has been placed so well together, it gives the punch of comedy, horror and thriller at the same time. The fierce acting of Vidhya Balan at climax scene is performed to the perfection.


The lead cast begged International Indian Film Academy Awards for their phenoinal performance. From actors to dorectors, comedians to singers, every lead artist begged the glorious awards. The film did very well at the box office with around 84 crore domestic collection. If released at present time, Bhool Bhulaiya is content of of over Inr 100 crores. The best part of the movie is that all the characters hold the equal importance. Taking about music which plays a major role is giving promotional publicity to the film, the title track and mid movie tracks are placed perfectly well. Few of the songs still looks fresh and pleasure to listen any time.

Unlike, the majority of Bollywood movies where stories runs around lead character, Bhool Bhulaiya is not a single character dominatent. If you love Bollywood movies then this is a must watch content.