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We have been waiting for Voot app for so long. I remember the days when we rush to reach home so that we would not miss our favourite TV serials. All you need is an internet connection on your mobile phone, and you are ready to stream your favourite TV serials anywhere. You do not have to be at home. You do not have to be before TV. All you need to have your smartphone in your palm. Voot developed by Viacom 18 Digital Media has become first of its kind to offer video on demand.

You can watch TV serials, cartoons and everything that comes on your TV. Voot comes with fully loaded high-end features, yet the user interface is attractive and simple. You can watch TV serials, cartoons and everything that comes on your TV. VootApp comes with fully loaded high-end features, yet the user interface is attractive and simple. Here, in this blog, we keep track of modern fully-fledged video and movie App. In upcoming times get ready to find more apps. Till then, let’s focus on “How To Download Voot Apk”.

Voot App Download For Android & iOS

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It has kept a major chunk of smartphone users in their mind while launching the Voot apk. It runs smoothly on both Android and iOS. If you are on a Windows platform, no worries! Voot is available on the Web as well. You can enjoy Voot on their official site if you are from India. Voot has been available for now to Indian users only.

Voot App For Android & iOS

Find the latest voot apk, and download now to get all Movies, TV shows, Cartoons on your Android mobile. Below is the download link.

Download For Android | Download For iOS

Voot App Feature

As we said, it is fully loaded with attracting features. These features do not complicate the Voot app but simplify the user interface of the app instead. If you wish to download videos then there is nothing that beats Vidmate App.

1. Choose from their vast library

Can you believe that you can choose comedy shows, reality shows and Indian drama in this app? They have a vast library where you can watch shows like India Got Talent, Splitsvilla, Roadies, and whatnot. This Voot App makes you laugh: watch Comedy Nights with Kapil, Comedy Nights Bachao in Voot. It is not limited to these shows: it is colorfully packed for kids as well. Kids can watch cartoons as well on Voot app.

2. Voot Picks

Voot editors choose the best shows on TV that you might like. Thumbnails of the Voot picks can be seen on the launch page or home page of Voot app or Voot web. You are surely going to fall in love with their art of selection.

3. Personalized space

Now, don’t complain that nobody cares for you! Voot App tracks all your history and creates a personalized space to suit your entertainment taste. It creates this personal recommendation based on the previous shows you streamed on Voot App.

4. Watch movies!

Sultan, Madaari and everything is in Voot App. You can not only watch TV dramas but Voot allows you to watch Bollywood movies as well. All you need is an internet connection and you can watch Hit Bollywood movies like Bhool Bhulaiya and many more while commuting.

5. No internet connection on mobile? No problem!

Not everyone has activated internet data connection on their smartphone. There are many users who have unlimited Wifi in their home. Voot targets such audience with dexterity. They have made the shows downloadable. Now, you can watch your favourite shows offline after downloading it on your smartphone.

It does not matter where you are: all it mattered if you downloaded the show before. If you have downloaded it, watch it on the go!

6. Sharing is caring!

Now you can share the shows you are watching with a click. Just share it on Facebook, Twitter with a share button. Let your friends know that you are loving the show you are watching. Recommend shows to them and show them your love! It is an amazing feature that allows you to share the show you are watching on popular social media network.

7. Resume and playback option!

Sometimes you do not have time to watch shows till the end. Sometimes, you have to leave the shows because of urgent work. But Voot understands your problem and it has playback option as well. Your TV serials start where you have left. You don’t have to check on the play bar where you have left your show. No need for hit and trial as Voot App is smart: it remembers where you have left the very last time.

If you do not want to continue from there as you have to watch the recap, voot is flexible with it too. It gives you an option to “start from the beginning” as well. Otherwise, you can resume the TV serial you were watching on your Voot app.

Movies, TV Shows, Cartoons, Kid entertainment, Voot App has many categories to choose from. If you ever wanted to get hands-on India Shows and Cinema then Voot App is surely a blessing. Download Voot Apk from the above mentioned to link to watch epic shows and Voots Original.

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